Corinne's table d'hôtes

corinne chef

There is no good cuisine if, at the start, it is not made out of friendship for the person to whom it is destined
(Paul Bocuse)

Practical information

Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10:00 am and dinner at 8:00 pm.
The table d’hôtes is open every evening by reservation.
Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a food intolerance.


What better way to start the day than by having a good breakfast. The smell of fresh coffee and toast will help you get out of bed.
A buffet with various hot beverages, several types of tea, croissants, fresh bread and toast, homemade jams and honey from the valley, Pyrenean meat pie, yogurt and fresh fruit juice awaits you every morning to start your day off on the right foot.

New for winter 2018: snacks

The great outdoors whets your appetite, and what could be more pleasant than ending a day of skiing or snowshoeing with a snack by the fire?

Crepes or waffles generously covered with homemade jam, a hot chocolate or tea.
A tasty snack to hold you over until dinner.
By reservation only, service from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

The true cuisine will always be that of the regions. In France, butter, cream, and wine will always be the foundations.
(Paul Bocuse)


Corinne offers tasty and refined cuisine every evening.
She happily revisits traditional recipes from Bigorre, as well as diverse cuisines.
We prioritize local producers and only use fresh seasonal products.
Dinner consists of a starter or soup, a main course, a plate of local cheeses, a dessert, and coffee or herbal tea.
Our excellent Madiran wine is included in the price of the meal.

Corinne est une excellente cuisinière digne d'un grand chef.
Jeanne C/ Tripadvisor sept 2018
Corinne nous a regale avec sa delicieuse cuisine traditionnelle elaborée avec de bons produits frais.
Nicole M / Tripadvisor juin 2018
Petits déjeuners copieux. Repas savoureux grâce au savoir-faire culinaire de Corinne
Jean françois M/ Tripadvisor sept 2018
La maison est charmante, propreté impeccable et repas délicieux sont au menu de cette chambre d'hôte
Fabien A /Tripadvisor août 2018
Excellente restauration. Ne pas manquer les dîners !
Merrybelle / Tripadvisor Juillet 2018
Maison de caractère, chambre très propre, très bonne literie, excellente et savoureuse cuisine, petit déjeuner gargantuesque.
Eric et Brigitte / Chambre d' Mai 2018
Le repas excellent félicitations à la cuisinière.
Colette S / Google Mai 2018

Some dishes that are popular with our guests.

Among the numerous dishes served at La Condorinette, it is difficult to select the best ones as many are very popular.

In the starters, the smoked Pyrenean trout terrine with asparagus, Greek-style tomato verrine, and mushroom souffle are always highly appreciated, not to mention the creamy soups that open the meal in winter.
Among the main dishes, the duck Parmentier, Corinne’s Tajines, and the veal Fricandeau are unanimously appreciated. And let’s not forget the Bigorre pork roast in mustard crust served with small potatoes and Espelette pepper.
There are too many desserts to list, from fluffy raspberry mousse made from the garden’s own raspberries, to lime crumbles, to rich chocolate lava cakes, and Corinne’s fabulous pies. Our guests always save room for Corinne’s desserts

So many friendships have been born around the table of La Condorinette, sharing a bottle of Madiran and savoring one of Corinne’s dishes. Guests from all over the world transcend the language barrier to come together in the universal language of taste.